YNOT Digital can produce all the usual wide format products and then some! Innovative products like PHOTO-TEX an adhesive fabric paper that is removable (won’t damage paint or drywall), re-usable and re-positional. It sticks to any non-porous flat surface and the material does not rip or wrinkle! It can be used indoor and outdoor in a variety of temperatures. Or try Asphalt Art, a fabulous product that allows you to take your message to the street… literally! This product is transforms ordinary asphalt and cement into stunning, vibrant advertising canvases. YNOT give it a try? From concept to completion, YNOT Digital is dedicated to producing brilliant, beautiful printed pieces for our clients.


Transit Shelters & Street Ads
Transit Shelters and Street Ads are eye-level displays that reach motorists, transit patrons and pedestrians alike. Station Posters reach commuters on their way to and from their daily activities. Both Transit Shelters and Street ads are 68″H x 47″W.

10’H X 20’ W Horizontal Billboards, 16’H x 12’ W Vertical Billboards and even bigger Superboards are larger-than-life for eye-catching impact! The horizontal 10’ x 20’ Billboards and Vertical Billboards can be printed on either paper or vinyl. Vinyl is suggested for posters that will be posted on one site for 12 weeks or longer. It is more economical and durable.

Wall Murals
YNOT wrap your building? Wall murals located in high-traffic, targeted areas close to cultural and entertainment districts gain attention for their exceptional size!

Bus Posters
King Posters, Kong Posters and Seventy Poster move your advertising message along major city routes, from the suburbs to the downtown core. Additional vinyl extensions or headliners add even more visual interest.

Superbuses & Supertrains
Coverage on Superbuses and Supertrains includes both sides, the back and the roof of these vehicles. These products are suited for long term awareness campaigns with bold graphic images.

Transit LRT Interior Products
LRT 28 Posters and Interior Transit Cards are eye-level ads that reach daily commuters and special event transit riders on the trains and buses.


Cars, vans, buses, trains and semi trailers… from print to installation, vehicle graphics can be completed entirely in-house by our own team of professional 3M certified installers. YNOT Digital prints using the latest HP Latex Ink-jet Technology. This technology eliminates the use of any harmful solvent/ UV inks. The result is a cleaner and healthier product that doesn’t require any dry time. YNOT Digital can get your message on the move that much quicker!


YNOT Digital can meet ALL your poster needs from Vinyl Banners in every size, Coroplast and Foam Core Signs, “A” Frame Sandwich Boards to Arena (Rink Board) Advertising.

Vinyl Banners
Offered in a variety of sizes vinyl banners can draw attention at a special event or announce a grand opening.

Mesh Banners
A perforated flexible vinyl substrate that allows both light and air to pass through it. Mesh Banner is a great solution for fences surrounding construction sites. Start branding your business before construction is complete!

Point of Sale Posters
Want to sell more? Innovative Point of Sale Material can make all the difference. Create POS that attracts shoppers to your product and ultimately the purchase! Our high-resolution print process using earth friendly HP Latex Ink-jet Technology offers the brilliant colour your POS deserves.

Banner Stands & Trade Show Displays

The YNOT Digital Team offers the latest selection in Trade Show Space Frames and the best solutions in printed graphics based on your specific needs and budget. For events and trade shows, our line of Retractable Banner Stands, available in a variety of sizes and materials, is an easy solution to transport and display your banners. Printable fabrics are a contemporary option to consider when updating your trade show display. Create visual impact that commands attention!

Backlit Signs
Rear-illuminated Backlit Posters printed on high performance vinyl, glow with your advertising message and graphics. Available in a variety of sizes.


YNOT Digital offers a variety of specialty products that are being used in a multitude of imaginative ways! We are constantly researching and sourcing the latest in materials from around the world to bring you the very best product.

Interior Decor Display
YNOT Digital has the materials to take your interior vision to the highest level. Custom print on PHOTO- TEX an adhesive fabric paper that is removable or on a variety of fabrics. Combined with your creativity and imagination, YNOT Digital will help personalize your clients’ interiors in new and exciting ways.

Panels & Hoarding
Whether you are building or developing a property, panels or hoarding are a part of the process. We can help you from print to installation. Start branding your business before construction is complete!

Floor and Window Graphics
Printed using our high-resolution earth friendly HP Latex Ink-jet Technology we can take your floor and window decals to the next level. We offer a variety of materials depending on your individual needs, including options like outdoor slip-resistant asphalt decals. Don’t forget, we offer in-house certified installers. YNOT make it easy?